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Yunax Digital Pvt Ltd

Advanced Technologies at an Affordable Price for Our Customers We, Yunax Digital Pvt Ltd, are the sister concern of M/s. YOHANA COMPUTERS, which launched 22 years ago in Mumbai, dealing in Computers, Laptops, Computer Peripherals, CD ROMs, Palmtops, TV Games, and other Electronics items and shifted to CALICUT in 2002 and started Wholesale and Retail Business in Servers, Desktops / Assembled PCs Laptops, Net tops, Computer Peripherals, etc.

Yunax Digital Pvt Ltd is a sales and service center for IT products. We have established wholesale purchasing agreements with numerous suppliers and producers dating back to the year 2001. All hardware and computer accessories are delivered, installed, and configured by us.

In order to keep you and your team operating as smoothly, efficiently, and affordably as possible, we supply to businesses. When we deliver a product, we promise to support you and your requirements for it. grown into Calicut's top laptop repair facility.

We offer a knowledgeable workforce of IT consultants to help corporations and government entities establish IT strategies for their businesses. Unmatched customer service, including pre-sale assistance, timely and accurate order execution, and post-sale follow up

Products we Offer

Laptops for Gaming

More powerful specifications improve your gaming experience. Improve your gaming abilities with the new, extensive selection of gaming laptops from different brands. You couldn't locate the product you were looking for. No problem; we assemble based on your requirements.

Workstation Computers

Does your work require a more powerful CPU with more sophisticated storage and graphics? Concern not; we are here to help. Create a workstation that is tailored to your needs.

Computer Server

Take control over the cloud computing with the new advanced servers, providing you with the advanced protection of your data. Transform your data with advanced data privacy & security servers.

Build Your own PCs

Create and customize your own PCs according to your required specification. We offer you a wide range of customization options ranging from Home desktops to High-end Gaming PCs.

Our Services


We provide consultancy service in all areas of IT, including security, health checks, backups and network design. We achieve this by working with the customer to determine their requirements, auditing the sites and evaluating the current operation. This allows us to examine the suitability of the existing solution to the business needs and make recommendations to enhance the solution.

Computer Server

Utilize the new cutting-edge servers that will give you better data protection to take control of cloud computing. Utilize cutting-edge data privacy and security servers to transform your data.

Workstation Computers

Does your work require a more powerful CPU with more sophisticated storage and graphics? Concern not; we are here to help. Create a workstation that is tailored to your needs.

Build Your own PCs

Create and modify your own computers to meet your individual needs. From home desktops to high-end gaming PCs, we provide you with a broad selection of customization possibilities.


We were able to provide you with an exceptional range of computer network support and networking services thanks to our experience and work skills. We provide complete service, from the most recent wireless IT environment to an advanced combination of wireless and cable systems. We are experts in designing and implementing Local Area Networks, allowing customers to make more informed decisions.


We offer you the expert assistance you require to implement solutions to your company's security issues. We provide complete security solutions at your budget and needs. To gain the benefits of the internet in terms of cost savings and productivity without exposing your internal systems to attack from hackers, viruses, mail relay, and password thieves.


When it comes to improved network capacity, we are here to help. We can provide you with all of the options for increasing the capacity of existing hardware, reconfiguring existing infrastructure, or upgrading network equipment as needed.


We take up all types of CCTV camera installation according to the requirements of our clients by providing DVR 4/8/16 channels. With a diverse selection of cameras and accessories, our customers can choose the product that best meets their requirements. Our customers have nothing to worry about thanks to our excellent after-sales service.

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Yunax Digital